DIY Morse Code Jewelry

Hi Guys - Emma here sharing step by step instructions on how to make your own Morse Code necklace at home. If you have your own materials, use the easy to follow instructions to learn how to make the necklace.  If you don't have the materials and would like to buy a kit, they're available in the "Make Your Own" section of the shop (tried to include a link but that wasn't working!).

If you need to improvise with your materials, look through your old beaded jewelry for the beads and use strong sewing thread for the beading thread.  At a pinch, you can thread the beads by hand…it'll be slower than using the needle but it can be done.

Let's get started:


  1. Choose a word / name or something meaningful to you and write it on a piece of paper.
  2. On the same piece of paper, use the Morse Code chart to write your word / name in Morse Code.
  3. Starting on the right and working your way left, layout your Morse Code word using one round bead for each dot and one bugle bead for each dash. It’s best to work on a soft cloth or beading mat so your beads don’t roll all over the place.
  4. Take your chain, it’s currently 18 inches long. If you’d like it shorter, trim equal amounts off each side using your scissors. Place the clasp side of the chain on the right and the jumpring side of the chain on the left of your Morse Code word.
  5. Thread your beading needle with the beading thread by sliding one end of the thread through the eye of the needle until you have a threaded tail of approximately 3 inches long and a long length of thread for your beads to connect to. Tape the end of your thread to your work surface to stop your beads from sliding off as you work.
  6. Starting with the right chain, thread your needle through the very last link in the chain and pull about 2 inches of thread through the link.
  7. Add your Morse Code beads in the order you have placed them.
  8. Once you’ve added all the Morse Code beads, slide the needle through the bottom link in the left chain. You now have one strand of thread connecting both sides of the chain and all your beads.
  9. Important Step: Slide your needle and thread back through all of your Morse Code beads so the beads have two strands of thread running through them.
  10. You should now have two tails of thread – one connected to the right chain and the other exiting the last Morse Code bead.
  11. Tie a simple double knot (just like the knot you start tying your shoelaces with). Make sure you keep the tension tight but not overly tight on your thread…you want the beads and chain to connect seamlessly and lay next to each other without gaps or kinks.
  12. Final step is to go back through the first two 2 -3 beads one at a time with both thread tails. Start with the thread that has the needle connected to it, once that thread is through, remove the needle and place it on the second tail and slide the thread through the same beads. You should now have two tails sticking out of your beaded section.  Tie a simple double knot just like you did in step 11. 
  13. With your scissors, cut the thread tails as close to the knot as you can.
  14. Your necklace is now ready to wear and enjoy.



 Any questions leave me a comment.  Enjoy!


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