I Couldn't Turn This One Down

It was a no brainer...Art, History and Cocktails under one roof, and the question: "Would you like to do a trunk show at VMFA"!! This is exactly the kind of show I love doing...it's intimate so I can talk and socialize with guests; it's in a gorgeous setting full of art and culture; and the environment is festive, fun and alive with activity.  

How perfect is that, so of course I said YES!

When is the Trunk Show?

Sunday August 5th from 11am - 5pm - open to public and

Monday August 6th 11am - 9pm - members and guests of VMFA.  For this members and guests day, the museum will be open until 9pm, there'll be live music, cocktail tastings (more on this in a minute), and French pastries.

The cocktails are a key ingredient here as my Earring Bar Collection really cinched the deal with the show.  For this event, I have created three signature cocktail earrings tying in both the Napoleon: Power and Splendor exhibit and the Napoleon inspired cocktails that will be served at the event.

Here are the cocktails that will be served alongside the trunk show:

Here are the three styles - Oh Corsica!, Idle at Longwood and Route Napoleon:                                                                        


I visited the Napoleon exhibit last month and it is spectacular!! The one item that stood out most to me was Napoleons blue coat...clothing is so personal, it's part of your persona, the face you present to the world, you have a personal tie to it.  

Jewelry's the same.  What makes you choose and ultimately wear a particular pair of earrings or necklace? For me, it's always been about expressing my individuality.  That's why I wear and and why I make jewelry. #jewelryaddict 

Did you know I came up with The Earring Bar so you could create your own unique earrings?  Yep, that's one of the main reasons I created a collection that is completely interchangeable...I wanted to put the creative element in your hands so that you could be your own designer.  That way, every pair of earrings created is unique to the person who created them.

I am beyond excited to be showcasing this collection at VMFA in a few weeks and I seriously hope I connect with a ton of people to share the joy of creativity, chat about art and history and maybe sip a few cocktails:) 

See you there...



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