Mood Necklace - Out on a Limb

Mood Necklace - Out on a Limb

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This unique mood necklace captures the spirit of keeping on when times get rough. There are times when most of us feel "out on a limb". Life puts obstacles in our path for us to learn and grow. I created this necklace at a time in my life when I was out on a limb. Like the stick figure in the necklace, I powered through and overcame the obstacles in my path.

The stick figure captures my personality in the powerful stride, it shows determination and a refusal to give in.

If this piece resonates with's meant for you.

Materials: Reclaimed Sterling Silver

I created both the branch and the stick figure by hand...melting Argentium silver with a torch then forming each piece with my hands and pliers.

The wholes process was a labor of love, from the forming right down to finishing each piece with sand paper and polishing by hand.

A Sterling Silver long box chain in 16 inch with a 2 inch built in extender completes the look.

Arrives packaged ready for gifting with a gift box and wrapping.