Blue Lagoon - A Destination based Earring Bar Earring

Hiya – Emma here, checking in with a new Earring Bar style and my adventure at the Blue Lagoon (inspiration behind this style).

I'll start with the style and a quick intro into The Earring Bar (just in case you’re not familiar with the collection). The Earring Bar began with earrings inspired and fashioned after their namesake cocktails: color of drink = color of stud, layers of alcohol = number of ear jackets. A stud earring where every element is removable and interchangeable and where the earring resembles the drink it’s inspired by.


The Cocktail Top Shelf earrings were born from bonding with girlfriends over kids and cocktails – they’re about fun and interaction, girls nights out, forging friendships and being your own woman.

The Destination earrings, on the other hand, are about adventure, living life to the fullest and exploring the places on your bucket list. 

I’m starting this collection off with styles from destinations I have explored.  Like the cocktails styles, these earrings are designed to look like the place they are named for – a captured memory of days gone by.  

My adventure at the Blue Lagoon began when my then 10-year-old daughter and I overslept and missed our ride to a commercial cruise around Malta.  We made our way on foot to the Sliema (one town away from where we were staying), and managed to secure space on The Fernandes, a beautiful 26.5-meter-long Schooner Rigged Turkish Gullet. The adventure began as soon as we saw The Fernandez – it was like a pirate ship, a sleek black and gold ship with sails billowing in the wind.

Best I can recall, there were around 40 guests on board.  We set sail from Sliema to the sounds of Train (Drops of Jupiter album), I was singing along, feeling amazing!  Around midday, we dropped anchor in the Blue Lagoon, a breathtaking azure blue bay nestled between the main island of Malta and the tiny rocky island of Comino.  An onboard chef had prepared a sumptuous lunch, after which, the crew offered for us to go swimming, snorkeling or swinging off a rope at the highest point of the ship and dropping into the lagoon.  A few guests chose to climb down the side ladder and take a swim.  I, on the other hand decided this was just the time to take a risk and do something adventurous. 

I asked how deep the water was (36 meters), I remember thinking I have no idea how deep that is and said to one of the sailors “I don’t swim very well, but if you give me a life jacket I’ll do it”.  I downed my glass of wine for some Dutch courage, put a life vest on over my bikini and proceeded to the back of the boat, where a thick rope hung from the mast or rigging.  While the boat had the appearance of sitting low in the water, from this vantage point it was quite a drop to the ocean below. 

With my daughter’s voice calling “don’t do it mom” I threw caution to the wind, grabbed the rope with both hands, pushed off from the boat, swung out over the ocean, then, with bated breath I felt my hands let go of the rope and I was plunging through the air and into the chilly water of the Blue Lagoon.  Shock hit me as I felt myself sinking deeper than I thought I would into the water. When I finally slowed down, I kicked like the clappers toward the light above. 

As my head broke through the surface, I looked up to a number of faces looking down at me and an anxious sailor asking if I needed help getting back to the boat.  I did just fine getting to the boat and climbing the rope ladder back to the deck.  Didn’t want to repeat the thrill (was asked if I wanted to go again, but once was enough!). 

That was my adventure at the Blue Lagoon, and I am so glad I experienced it.

If you have a destination that has left an indelible mark on your memory and you'd like have an Earring Bar earring created just for you...send me a message with your request.  I'd love to create something just for you.


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