Looking to add some pizzaz to your stud earrings? My signature Ear Jackets are designed to pair with your Diamond studs, Pearl Studs, Gemstone Studs and even your Fashion Studs.  
The success of securing the stud and ear jacket lies in the ear nut you use:
  • A small lightweight ear nut works well with the xx-small and x-small ear jacket
  • A medium friction ear nut works best for a two layer small and medium ear jacket set
  • A large friction ear nut or the large hypoallergenic ear nut included with every purchase works best for ear jacket layers of three or more jackets or for the large and x-large styles.

What's the smallest Ear Jacket I should buy for my Diamond Stud Earrings?

  • 1/4 carat up to 1/2 carat* - start with x-small Ear Jacket
  • 3/4 carat - start with small Ear Jacket
  • 1 carat to 2.5 carat - start with medium Ear Jacket
  • 3.0 carats and larger - large Ear Jacket

* a 1/2 carat diamond stud will have a minimal amount of rim with the x-small jacket.  If you'd like more space between your stud and the outer rim of the jacket, start with size small.

What's the smallest Ear Jacket I should buy for my Pearl / Gemstone stud earrings?

  • 2mm to 3mm - start with xx-small Ear Jacket
  • 4mm to 5mm - start with x-small Ear Jacket
  • 6mm to 7mm - start with small Ear Jacket 
  • 8mm to 9mm - start with medium Ear Jacket
  • 10mm to 12mm - start with larger Ear Jacket
  • 13mm to 14mm - x-large Ear Jacket

Are the Ear Jackets heavy?

No, they are not heavy. I've spent considerable time working on the design and fabrication to give you a light weight earring...even when you stack as many as 5 ear jackets with your stud earring.

I also provide a large hypoallergenic silicone ear nut so the larger sizes stay upright with no drooping on your ears.

How many Ear Jackets can I layer with my stud earrings?

I've designed the ear jackets so you can wear as many as 5 ear jackets (depending on the size of your stud - typically 5mm or smaller) at one time. All orders of multiple ear jackets include a large silicone hypoallergenic ear nut.