About us

Emma Lalumandier, is the owner, founder and creative force behind Lamplighter Jewelry and was born in Mountain Ash, a small coal mining town in South Wales with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural landscape.

Emma married John and moved to Virginia in the early 1990’s where she spent a decade working in banking and raising her first daughter before becoming a highly regarded retail recovery auditor.  It was during her time as an auditor that she discovered a passion and talent for jewelry design. 

Emma is completely self-taught and feels her lack of formal training and adherence to rules allows her to take more risks with her work. She loves experimenting and never worries about mistakes as she recycles everything.

A daydreamer by nature, she loves forming and finishing by hand, it makes her feel good about the pieces she creates and allows her to listen and let the materials speak. 

The shapes that emerge are an expression of her life, natural in a loose, free-form way that highlights the beauty in each finely handcrafted piece. 

The finish is modern and edgy to differentiate her style and the end result is strong yet feminine to embrace the women she designs for and the woman she has become.

Emma lives and works in Richmond, VA with her husband and youngest daughter.