Gearing up for the Holidays

Hi everyone,

The Holidays are fast approaching and my excitement is building!  Christmas is my favorite time of year - it's a magical time spent with family and friends, cooking and hand crafting gifts that bring so much joy.

This tradition goes back to my childhood, growing up in a small coal mining valley in Wales, my mum taught my sister and I to pickle onions and red cabbage.  We'd spend a weekend pickling jar after jar, and they'd sit on the the top shelf of the pantry until Christmas.

When I became a mom I started my own Christmas traditions.  We'd make dozen of European style cookies and chocolate truffles, and we'd deliver them to the various businesses we frequented (doctors, dentist, pharmacy, gas station, local country store, bank).  It's become a favorite tradition for us and our partners in business.  

Hand crafting my own jewelry is kind of like enjoying the holiday cheer year round.  It's pretty humbling and totally awesome to be in a position where people trust you with making something they are going to give as a gift.

I'm totally invested in helping you give a special gift to someone you love, and I'll wrap each package so that's one less thing you'll have to do.

See below for some of my favorites:

  Out on a limb necklace.  This guy is so special to me, it's unique, expressive and gives out a positive vibe - just look at that guy strutting his stuff!!

  Grasshopper Earrings - Seriously, who else makes earrings based on cocktails - recipe and pic included.  Adults only

   Pearl and Silver Earring Jackets.  These are unlike anything else out there.  Organic, feminine and totally unique.  

   The Katharine Earrings.  These are ridiculously amazing!! They're all about embracing your femininity while rocking your pants too!

  Be Your Own Woman cuff bracelet.  It's been a year where women's voices are being heard.  Regardless of your status: (married, mom, partner), be your own woman and go after your dreams.

I'd love to hear some of your holiday traditions. 

Enjoy the Holiday season!!




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