Prague Earrings

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Prague - Contemporary Silver and Black Stud Earrings with a bold, hand cut raw Amethyst jutting out of the center.

Two perfect silver rounds have been domed and stacked together to form a concave vessel that hold a single shard of raw Amethyst in palest purple.

Silver has been oxidized to a deep matte black and has been coated with a wax based polish to add depth and to preserve the finish.

I hand cut the amethyst off a rough specimen...each piece is unique and each pair of earrings will differ slightly.

The blackened discs have a darkness that brings an edginess to these earrings, and the Amethyst bring in the light, balancing the hardness by contrasting their own hard edges with light that emanates from the center out.

A truly unique stud earring that you will be sure to enjoy wearing.

Measures: just under 1/2 inch in diameter.

Hand Made in the USA.  Each set is made to order, please allow 5 business days for completion of your earrings.