Sliema Earrings

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The Sliema Earrings are a one of a kind raw Citrine stud paired with Sterling Silver ear jackets with a distressed painted black finish.

I chiseled the citrine off the rough specimen, and their beauty lies in the way nature made them. They are a close match but not identical.

Citrines are set in 5mm fine silver bezels with Sterling Silver posts and a heavy weight friction Sterling Silver ear nut.

The purpose of setting the stones so they jut out was in part a result of the way in which they came out and intentional ion that I chose to make them different so they'd stand out.

They are light weight, and sit perfectly on your ear without drooping.

The ear jacket is removable.  For added versatility, you can pair the ear jacket with your existing stud earrings. The ear jacket size is medium, they're approximately 1/2" in diameter, and can be paired with other ear jackets from my Earring bar Collection.

Destination based style - Sliema is a waterfront resort town on the east coast of Malta.  I loved the blend of ancient architecture and modern lifestyle.