The Earring Bar

The Earring Bar - a completely new take on stud earrings and interchangeable ear jackets.

Completely customizable, The Earring Bar Collection can be transformed to fit any occasion; whether it be a day at the office or a night out with friends.  Not only does this collection tackle the age old obstacle of day-to-evening wear, it allows you to express your very own creativity, making each piece virtually one of a kind.

Ear Jackets are my exclusive design and are all hand forged in small batches in my studio.  They're stack-able, lightweight and have a lovely organic form that when layered look truly magical. PS, they look just as good paired with your own studs as they do with mine.

The Earring Bar really comes into play in the Top Shelf Earrings...I took a fresh, fun and innovative approach to jewelry design basing stud earrings on cocktails and mocktails. You might ask where I came up with the idea for this...well, it was after years of bonding with my friends over kids and cocktails. We all like jewelry and we all enjoy a cocktail so I thought it would be a good idea to combine the two!!  These earrings are beautifully packaged on sturdy tent cards with the name, picture and recipe of the drink.

The newest addition to The Earring Bar Collection are Destination based styles.  Like the Top Shelf Cocktail earrings, the Destination styles are fashioned after their namesake and are artfully packaged on a sturdy tent card with a photo and name of the destination that inspired the design. 

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