Earring Jackets - Distressed White, Red, Black Hand Painted

Earring Jackets - Distressed White, Red, Black Hand Painted

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Earring jackets in a distressed painted finish - colors are red, white or black and the base is Sterling Silver. Mix and match these painted earring jackets with any of the ear jackets in my Earring Bar Collection.

  • Why spend a fortune buying new earrings when you can breath new life into studs you already own at a fraction of the cost.
  • Transform your existing studs with these distressed painted ear jackets into a modern, edgy and organic look that'll be sure to get you noticed. 

I've included a few pics so you can see how these ear jackets look when you pair just one jacket with studs, versus layering several jackets with studs.

Refer to the ear jacket guide when choosing the sizes that will work with your stud earrings. 

Each ear jacket is lovingly hand made in my studio and is an exclusive Lamplighter Jewelry design.

Material: Sterling Silver, metal paint for jewelry

Finish: Distressed Painted - your choice of Red, White and Black

Earring jacket sizes and how to pair them with stud earrings:

xx-small (5mm) - 2mm to 3mm studs
x-small (7mm) - 2mm to 4mm studs
small (10mm) - 2mm to 6mm studs
medium (14mm) - 3mm to 8mm studs
large (16mm) - 3mm to 10mm studs