Ella - Opal Stacking Ring in Silver or Gold

Ella - Opal Stacking Ring in Silver or Gold

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If you love Opals and dainty stacking rings this one is for you. The Opal is a tiny 4mm cabochon in shades of blue and lavender with a flash of bright golden yellow.

When you tilt your hand, the Opal flashes a sunny yellow glow that looks like a light has been turned on inside the stone…it's stunning!

It's the kind of ring you'll enjoy wearing everyday, and the ring you'll think of to gift to your girlfriends, mom or daughter.

Top quality artisan handmade and budget friendly.

💎 4mm Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal
💍 Your choice of Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Band (16 gauge / 1.5mm) Fine Silver or Gold Filled Bezel


💍 Hand Hammered - each ring is entirely handmade in your size and will be unique thanks to a lovely hand hammered texture and a hand polished shine.

✦ Don't know your ring size? No worries, here's a link to a printable ring sizer. Note, follow printing directions to ensure accurate measurement. https://www.jewelrycentral.com/ringsizer.html

☛ Hand made to order.