Two Tone Gold and Silver Ear Jacket

Two Tone Gold and Silver Ear Jacket

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These two tone (sterling silver and gold fill) ear jackets will breath new life into your much loved diamond stud earrings. Simply slide your stud earring through the center hole in the ear jacket and secure the earring with a medium weight ear nut or the included silicone ear nut.

An exclusive Lamplighter Jewelry design and customer favorite.

What you'll love about these earring jackets is the way they transform your plain diamond studs into a new pair of bespoke artisan earrings.

It's a classic look with a modern, edgy, organic vibe.

  • If you've stopped wearing stud earrings because of torn or stretched lobes, these earring jackets with their cupped shape will protect and hide your torn lobe while showcasing your stud earrings.
  • If you've stopped wearing your diamond studs because you prefer larger stud earrings, these ear jackets will give you that larger look while still showcasing your diamond studs.

Each set is hand crafted just for you in my Goochland, VA studio.

I guarantee, once you've tried a pair you'll love them and will more than likely be back for more.

Pair these two tone ear jackets with any of the ear jackets from The Earring Bar Collection.